School / Youth Center

Norfork Schools

To contact the Norfork Area Youth Center during working hours  (870) 210-3006

The Norfork Area Youth Center is now open for the kids after school! Norfork School provides transportation to the youth
center from school.
To get more information on transportation call Norfork Elementary at (870) 499-7192

IMG_20140826_084107468The after School program offers homework time with
assistance from the staff if needed. They offer a
a variety of activities for the kids to participate in
to keep them busy and having loads of fun!
Snacks are provided by Norfork School.

IMG_20140826_084142217Donations and Volunteers are always Welcome!

Hours are After School 3:20 pm- 6:00 pm Monday-Friday

          For more information call the Norfork Area Youth Center            (870) 210-3006

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