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The City of Norfork, Arkansas

   A place you hear about but seldom have the opportunity to see. Located in a beautiful valley in north central Arkansas where the White River is joined by the North Fork River. It is reputed to be one of the finest trout fishing areas in the United States, possibly the world. Wildlife is abundant and truly a hunter’s paradise. Many vacationers who happened onto this area have become permanent residents.

Norfork is host to the Food Bank of North Central Arkansas, the Norfork Thrift Store , as well as volunteer programs such as the Norfork Volunteer Fire Department and the Norfork Area Youth Center. The community won the “Volunteer City of the Year” award for the year 2009.

The town was established adjacent to the Wolf House, (c 1829), which is the oldest public structure in Arkansas. Built where the White and North Fork Rivers merge it was used as a trading post and court house. The Indian “Trail of Tears” passed through the surrounding area.

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